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To an online emporium where you'll find

hand sewn and naturally dyed items,

Hand crafted notebooks,

and a passion for embroidery.

To be a part of a generation which has the joy of learning and searching about our past has enriched my life, thanks to technology.

We get a chance to see what fiber arts our ancestors left us,

and build upon that driving force that gravitates us to everything

textile, tactile, and tangible.  

For the past 20 years, there has always seemed to be a

needle and thread at hand.  

The fundamental tools that can drive one to spend 100's of hours

playing, experimenting, manipulating, and producing.

 "How did all those beads end up on that dress?"

My 15 year old technical mind pondered.

So began the pursuance of patience, stitch by stitch.

Thankfully, living in San Francisco at the time

offered valuable resources such as

a lace museum in Berkeley, second hand book stores,

independent bead and fabric shops,

and most importantly

local performers to collaborate on costumes with.

Thus started a life long friendship with

textiles and embroidery. 

Naturally dying fiber came about during a time

when supplies were scarce

yet, Mother Nature was abundant.

when tunnel visioned, a diversion is a blessing. 

Visually opening up color spectrums

and enhancing perceptions beyond imagination.

Resew a broken stitch,

Revive a faded hue,

Simply replacing,

is not a thing to do.








enjoy your visit

Anthony Pullen

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